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Guardians Of The Round Table Series

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy LitRPG

When Mallory ends up in a role-playing style world, she doesn’t want to leave. But it could be more dangerous than she first thought.


Visit the Guardians Of The Round Table page to see maps, discover lore books and learn other details about this series.

Assassins Of The Dead Series

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy/Paranormal Short Novel

Some heroes work in the shadows, only their deeds remembered.


Dragon Blood Series

Genre: Young Adult Urban Fantasy

(5 book series)

Dragons exist. They have the ability to shapeshift into human form and walk amongst us. Anyone could be one. For those who discover this truth life becomes extremely precarious and only a few survive the encounter.

DB01 Pliethin DB02 Wyvern DB03 Surety DB04 Knight DB05 Mage

Plea Of The Damned Series

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

(6 book series)

Have you ever done something and immediately wished you could undo it?

Jack knows that feeling very well. He’s damned, bound to haunt his old school and help students until he atones for his sins. It’s the last thing he wants to do. But since the alternative is an eternity in hell, he’s not about to say no.

Mark Of Kings Series

Genre: Children’s Fantasy

(4 book series)

Shen was separated from his family during a volcanic eruption when he was three-years-old. No one has ever come forward to claim him, but he refuses to believe he’s an orphan. Trained to be a sword fighter at an Arena, he uses the Battle Circuit to travel the country looking for clues about his family. All he has is a gold medallion known as the ‘Mark Of Kings’.

Rosie’s Rangers Series

Genre: Young Adult Western Steampunk

(6 book series- final book coming soon)

In a world where the law is often more corrupt than those breaking it, sometimes you have to take justice into your own hands.

Rosie's Rangers 01  Rosie's Rangers 02

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